After having worked 19 years for a large corporation based in London, I was very much in need of a change. 

The WWII European Theatre has always been a passion of mine, with the Normandy campaign being my primary focus. 

I had been coming to Normandy, researching the campaign, for many years, when the opportunity arose to work for Battlebus Tours. This enabled a move here permanently with my wife and three sons. We purchased a farm on the edge of a small village in the centre of the 82nd Airborne and 90th Infantry Division’s sector. Four seasons with Battlebus gave me a superb grounding in touring with guests and tour businesses as a whole.

I enjoy touring with people of all knowledge levels.

Along with the research I have been very lucky to have had the opportunity to interview many veterans, both Allied and Axis.  I am honoured to call many of them friend. It is extremely satisfying recounting their experiences, to guests, in the locations where they actually happened.