Allan Bryson

After having worked 19 years for a large corporation based in London, I was very much in need of a change. 

The WWII European Theatre has always been a passion of mine, with the Normandy campaign being my primary focus. 

I had been coming to Normandy, researching the campaign, for many years, when the opportunity arose to work for Battlebus Tours. This enabled a move here permanently with my wife and three sons. We purchased a farm on the edge of a small village in the centre of the 82nd Airborne and 90th Infantry Division’s sector. Four seasons with Battlebus gave me a superb grounding in touring with guests and tour businesses as a whole.

I enjoy touring with people of all knowledge levels.

Along with the research I have been very lucky to have had the opportunity to interview many veterans, both Allied and Axis.  I am honoured to have called many of them friend. It is extremely satisfying recounting their experiences, to guests, in the locations where they actually happened.


Tina Bryson

Once Allan has sent the initial response to your enquiry, I will be pleased to take care of specific booking details. 




Some sample reviews from TripAdvisor

Allan Bryson provided a wonderful experience for me and my wife during a one day tour of the American sector just after the 70th anniversary of the D day landings. He brought the extraordinary events to life with detailed descriptions of individuals and their heroism. All the facts and figures were at his disposal but it was his personal interactions with visiting veterans over his years in Normandy and his fascination with this historic event that made the experience so personal and engaging. Not a moment was wasted due to his commitment and professionalism. We felt very privileged to have this opportunity to visit the landing sites with such a superb guide.

I was six when WWII happened. My Brother in law was a pilot of an L plane that was shot down in St Lo and died, and my Brother was in the 803rd TDB. With five of my siblings in the service and my years in the Marine Corps I always wanted to visit the sites. I never imagined that someone could place you back in time and bring the past to light as Allan did. I gained so much knowledge from his tour. I have traveled extensively and taken many tours but none as good as this one. Do not go to Normandy without booking this tour.

My husband is a history buff, especially regarding WWII. It was important to have a guide that was knowledgeable vs a scripted tour with little else. Allan is an expert & it was greatly appreciated by my husband & Dad that they could converse & ask Allan questions that only someone with Allans great knowledge base would know. He really brought that Day to life and vividly painted a picture in our minds eye of what it must have been like for those young men that were barely old enough to be men, to sacrifice themselves for their brethren and country.

Allan was simply amazing. He gave such a personal touch to our day-long American tour. The stories he shared painted such amazingly vivid pictures of all that occurred in each place on our tour. Be sure to book a FULL DAY - you need it, and honestly, you will wish it would have been longer. From what I could tell of other guides around us - Allan was one of the best! He has a true passion for history that he enjoys sharing with anyone/everyone and does so in a very unassuming, personal manner. Fantastic!


Allans knowledge for his subject is awesome and his enthusiasm infectious. You feel as though you are seeing events unfold through the eyes of the men who fought for every inch of beach. A truly memorable tour. Allan deserves all the accolades listed on TA.