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Allan Bryson

After having worked 19 years for a large corporation based in London, I was very much in need of a change. 


The WWII European Theatre has always been a passion of mine, with the Normandy campaign being my primary focus. 

I had been coming to Normandy, researching the campaign, for many

years, when the opportunity arose to work for Battlebus Tours. This

enabled a move here permanently with my wife and three sons. We

purchased a farm on the edge of a small village in the centre of the 82nd

Airborne and 90th Infantry Division’s sector. Four seasons with Battlebus

gave me a superb grounding in touring with guests and tour businesses as a


Allan Bryson Angoville au Plain

I enjoy touring with people of all knowledge levels.

Along with the research I have been very lucky to have had the opportunity to interview many veterans, both Allied and Axis.  I am honoured to have called many of them friend. It is extremely satisfying recounting their experiences, to guests, in the locations where they actually happened.

Allan Bryson Pointe du Hoc
Filming with Amos Almeida 502nd PIR 101s

Filming with Amos Almeida B Coy, 502nd P.I.R., 101st Airborne Division,

Lt. Col. Coles Bayonet Charge, Carentan Causeway.

George Koskimaki Divional HQs 101st Airb

George Koskimaki

(Gen. Taylors Radio Operator),

Div. HQs, 101st Airborne Division.

Zane Schlemmer 508th PIR 82nd Airborne

Zane Schlemmer 

HQ Co, 2nd Bn, 508th P.I.R.,

82nd Airborne Division.

Art Staymates 26th Infantry Regt 1st Inf

Art Staymates

26th Infantry Regt.,

1st Infantry Division.

Reed Pelfrey 502nd PIR 101st Airborne

Reed Pelfrey HQs, 502nd P.I.R., 

101st Airborne Division.

Darold Rice 90th Infantry Division

Darold Rice

359th Infantry. Regt.,

90th Infantry Division.

Gerd Schwetling 6 Fallschirmjäger Regt

Gerd Schwetling 

Obergefreiter, 6th Coy.,

6 Fallschirmjäger Regt.


Tina Bryson

Tina Bryson

Once Allan has sent the initial response to your enquiry, I will be pleased to take care of your specific tour booking details. 

SIRET: 790 890 057 00017
First Normandy Battlefield Tours, 11 Rue Du Bois Pennier, Cretteville, 50250 PICAUVILLE, FRANCE
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