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Tour prices are based on guest pick-ups being at Carentan Railway Station, the square at Ste. Mere Eglise or Bayeux.

Due to traffic congestion and time factors, we do not pick up from Cherbourg, Caen, Honfleur, Le Havre, Paris or similar distance from Ste. Mere Eglise.


Private Tour: 

Allan conducts Private Tours only, for 1-4 guests. No one else will be joining your booked tour.

Should you wish to share your tour with other guests, please do not contact First Normandy Battlefield Tours.  There are Tour Companies, based in Bayeux, who specialise in Shared Tours. 


Price Per day up to 29 February 2024: 595€  

Price Per day from 1 March 2024: 630€

PLEASE NOTE: The week of the 80th Anniversary Celebrations is now unavailable (1 June - 9 June 2024)

This is the cost for the services of Allan and his vehicle.  It is not the cost per person.


Lunch and Museum costs (approximately at a cost of 10 euros and 9 euros, respectively, per person) are not included in the price of the tour.



Terms & Conditions: 


- Payment


Payment of the tour must be made at the end of each day of touring in Euros cash.

Payment may also be made by PayPal (plus PayPal charges) prior to the day of the tour. This is not an option on the day of the tour.

Sorry, we do not accept Traveller's cheques or Credit Cards (as we do not have the facility for this). 

-Be prepared


Please remember this is a battlefield tour were you will need to be able to stand for quite long periods, walk quite long distances with the possibility of rough terrain and steps.  Although the summers are mainly pleasant it also rains quite a lot in Normandy. Please make sure you are wearing the correct clothing, especially the correct footwear.




The tours generally commence at 09.15hrs, unless otherwise stipulated, and finish at approximately 17.15hrs.  If you are late for your collection or late coming out of lunch, museums and cemeteries it can be almost impossible to make up the time and this of course can affect the quality of the tour. I do not accompany guests in the Museums or Cemetery.


-Adding/Changing guests


This is absolutely fine up to 48 hours before the commencement of the tour. However, due to regulations no changes can be made after that. If additional guests appear on the morning of the tour, who are not listed on the confirmation form, they will not be able to attend the tour.




Please remember these are long tours. Due to the subject matter tours are delivered towards an adult audience. For those reasons, it is the guests responsibility to decide whether their child/children would be able to remain attentive for the day. It is expected that children will respect the vehicle and the historical sites visited. It is always of benefit to children if they have watched any or all of the following films: The Longest Day and Saving Private Ryan.




We carry all the necessary policies / documents in order to fulfill the legal regulations in respect of carrying paying customers within our safety checked vehicle (seat belts are fitted and must be worn by law when the vehicle is in motion). We are fully insured and registered; however the individual customer is responsible for his or her own travel insurance.




Please try and keep the number of valuables you carry on the tour down to a minimum. Crime is generally very low in Normandy, but we can not be held responsible for thefts from your person or from the vehicle.  For this reason, it is preferred that luggage is not carried in the vehicle.  Most hotels are happy to store luggage.




Upon request an invoice can be provided on the day of the tour.

SIRET: 790 890 057 00017
First Normandy Battlefield Tours, 11 Rue Du Bois Pennier, Cretteville, 50250 PICAUVILLE, FRANCE
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