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Take a one-day trip to this beautiful island, with a medieval monastery at the very top. Mont-Saint-Michel counts among France’s most stunning sights. Lined with restaurants, hotels and shops, the abbey’s imposing architecture, which dates back to medieval times, inspires awe to this day.

Guests will be collected from their accommodation and driven to Mont-Saint-Michel (approximately 1.5 hours from Bayeux) in our very comfortable company vehicle.  Guests can take up to 4 hours exploring everything that the island has to offer before being returned back to their accommodation.  There are many restaurants available, should you also wish to take lunch during your visit.

I do not accompany guests on to the island, as only ‘blue badge’ guides are permitted.  However, audio guides are available. Once we have parked, I will direct you to the Place des Navettes, where specially devised shuttle buses called 'passeurs' will take you to the mount. The shuttle bus stop is 800m (half a mile) from the car park and approximately 400m away from the main entrance. The buses operate every day at regular intervals between 7:30am and midnight.

Alternatively, a special horse-drawn carriage (maringote) is available, or you can walk all the way from the car park to the mount, taking in the magnificence of the Mont-Saint-Michel as you approach.  Once you enter, the main street “Le Grand Rue” is approximately 200m long and mostly uphill. At the top of the main street starts the “Grand Degre” stairs (350 steps), which lead to the Abbey.  It is a gradual climb, and you can stop and take breaks all the way to the top. Then soak in the atmosphere of the church, cloisters and the wing of the abbey, nicknamed “Le Merveille” (the Marvel) due to the gravity-defying way it sits upon the rock.



If you are staying in Paris and wish to visit the D-Day Battlefield sites, it is simple.  On weekdays there should be a train from Paris, St Lazare, (Intercity 3301) at approximately 07:00hrs which arrives at CARENTAN Train Station at approximately 09:45hrs, where I would pick you up.  At the end of the day I would drop you back at Carentan Train Station, at approximately 17:30hrs, in time for the return train to Paris. 

It is not usually possible to book train tickets until 3 months prior to the date of travel.  '' is a good site to use for information on train timetables and bookings.


Unfortunately, the weekend train schedule from Paris is not compatible with the timings of our Normandy Battlefield tours.  Therefore, it is more advisable to take your daytrip to Normandy on a weekday.

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